Measure Description

Name % of population who are “active” or “moderately active” during their leisure time based on self-reported data
Latest Data 53.8%
Definition Percentage of population who are “active” or “moderately active” in the past three months according to the Leisure Time Physical Activity (LTPA) Index.
Data Source Canadian Community Health Survey (CCHS), Statistics Canada.
Population Population 18 years and older.
Data Available Sex, age groups, household income quintile, province/territory, urban/rural residence, and immigrant status.
Methods Calculation Numerator: Number of adults 18+ who are physically “active” or “moderately active” during their leisure-time; Denominator: Total population, aged 18+
Additional Notes LTPA Index is a composite measure that categorizes individuals as “active”, “moderately active” or “inactive” based on responses to questions about leisure time activities in the past three months. It is a proxy measure of total physical activity. A high percentage for this indicator can be interpreted as a positive result.
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