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% of population who self-rate their mental health as being "excellent" or "very good", adults aged 18+ years
Age GroupPercentage95% CI
Total Population64.963.8-66.1


Source: Canadian Community Health Survey - Mental Health 2012
Population: adults aged 18+ years

ECells highlighted in yellow should be interpreted with caution as they contain values with a coefficient of variation between 16.6% to 33.3%.
FCells highlighted in red indicate where estimates are unstable or unrealisable due to small numbers and/or coefficients of variation greater than 33.3%.
Cells are empty when data are missing

Measure Description
Definition Percentage of population who report that their mental health is “very good” or “excellent.”
Data Available Sex, age groups, household income quintile, province/territory, urban/rural residence, and immigrant status.
Methods Calculation Numerator: Number of adults 18+ who report their mental health as being ''very good'' or ''excellent''; Denominator: Total population, aged 18+
Additional Notes A high percentage can be interpreted as a positive result.


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Centre for Surveillance and Applied Research, Public Health Agency of Canada. Positive Mental Health Surveillance Indicator Framework. Ottawa (ON), 2017.

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