Data Cubes

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Data Cubes are interactive databases that quickly allow users to create tables and graphs using their web browser. These online analytical processing cubes, or OLAP cubes, produce output displayed in a table format with a corresponding graph. The row and column axes of this table contain the "dimensions" of the cube while the "measures" form the values within. Cubes are much like spreadsheets, but they are more dynamic. You can see many dimensions at once by nesting variables under one another. It's like having hundreds of summary cross tabulations at your fingertips.

Chronic Disease Infobase Data Cubes contain many different types of Chronic Disease health indicator information. The hope is to make available Data Cubes containing data such as mortality, morbidity and risk factor information for chronic diseases, as well as their associated demographic variables (such as age group, gender, and geography).

Whats New: A new folder structure for the data cube content.

Accessibility: Two interfaces are now available for users, the "accessible interface" which is compliant for the visually impaired and the "legacy interface" which is the original interface to the data cubes. While every reasonable effort has been made to ensure the accessibility of this site, some content or services found here might be inaccessible to some visitors. In those circumstances, contact information has been provided under "Contact Us" above. Note that the legacy interface can only be viewed using Internet Explorer or Firefox web browsers with JavaScript enabled. The Internet Explorer 9 browser requires compatibility mode to be switched on for the cubes to become visible. This site communicates in both official languages. Please note that the system detects language preferences based on the language selected in Language Settings of your browser.

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