Measure Description

Name Rate of pregnant women with diagnosed hypertension (pre-existing and gestational hypertension). (New)
Latest Data 68.1 per 1000 total birthsc
Definition Proportion of pregnant women with a diagnosis of hypertension (pre-existing or gestational), as defined by ICD-10-CA codes, expressed as a proportion of all births.
Data Source Discharge Abstract Database (DAD), Canadian Institute for Health Information.
Population All births in Canada (except Quebec).
Data Available Age group (5 year) and province/territory (crude) by type of hypertension (pre-existing, gestational, both combined), and trend (crude).
Methods Calculation Numerator: Number of pregnant women with a diagnosis of pre-existing or gestational hypertension (ICD-10-CA code: O10-O16, I10). Denominator: Number of births (ICD-10-CA codes: Z37.0-Z37.9).
Additional Notes Data from Quebec are excluded as they do not contribute to DAD. Births include live births and stillbirths. A low rate for this indicator can be interpreted as a positive result.
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